Rio del Rey Bridge


202 South Mountain Freeway - Rio del Rey

"Rio del Rey Pedestrian Bridge" is informed by a collaboration of sunlight and lighting, creating an ever-changing visual display during crossing for school children of the community, its primary passengers. Bridge span enclosure is total, composed of perforated staggered pattern aluminum panels. This provides safety, shade, complete exterior views and airflow. Tilted, alternating polycarbonate panels above cast shards of color over the patterned interior. In daylight, the interior bridge provides a constant performance with its collaborator – the sun. At night, blue lighting combined with safety light bathes the interior, in a deep, quiet drama.

The “Z” alignment of the steel truss bridge is formed by two ramps connecting the 425’ span, 18’ above the freeway, 12’ W. Interior clearance is 10’. 


Collaboration: Keith Crawford, Architect; Don Happ, DH Lighting Solutions Lighting Designer; Magnum Companies, Fabricator; Stinger Bridge & Iron, Fabricator

Commission: City of Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture Public Art Program; Street Transportation Dept; Percent-for-Art funds; Street Transportation Capital

Photography: Greg Brockman, Craig Smith 

Elwood Ext & interior
Elwood Ext & interior

Elwood Ext & interior
Elwood Ext & interior