Papago Park / City Boundary Project

1992, Phoenix, AZ. 2 acres.


Stone markers, dry-stacked field stone terraces, plant materials. A symbolic and functional construct of alignment and regeneration. Located at the northern entrance of Papago Park, it brings into alignment the cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, the Casa Grande ruins and Squaw Peak. The axis is the point from which a plant form originates whose seven branches become desert farming terraces. Seven stone markers of varying heights indicate the axial alignments. Central to the project is the fact that the park had a dying ecology. The design calls attention to and celebrates the basic life forces of the desert and its timeless methods of survival. The project was awarded the National ASLA Design Honor Award.


Collaboration: Steve Martino, Landscape Architect

Commission: Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture and the Scottsdale Arts Commission.

Photography: Steve Martino & Richard Maack