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Origin of the Ohio River
1981 Pittsburgh, Ohio

Two wooden piers representing the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers flow through the Tower becoming the steel river of the Ohio. The angular designs of the piers mimics the serpentine curves of a river, while complimenting the geometry of the excavation site of the projects location. The tower is dedicated to the fairytale/fable Rapunsel. This incorporates some of the heritage of those people (German and Polish) whose industry, courage and vision helped build the city of Pittsburgh. Plant growth replaces the hair Rapunsel let fall from her tower window. It is a signifier of life in architecture and roots the project in rhythm with surrounding seasonal life. 

A great river is in constant motion, moving, changing, affecting everything and all life it comes in contact with. I am equating this dynamism with the new growth and change occurring in the city of Pittsburgh.

Jody Pinto 

May 1981

This project made possible by:

Hal Bromm Gallery/ New York; Nathan Bilder Lumber Company; Little Steel Company; Pennsylvania Council on the Arts; Vira I. Heinz Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania/ Department of Environmental Resources; City of Pittsburgh/ Department of Parks and Recreation. 


Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane Dance Company used the project for a performance.

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