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Fingerspan Bridge
Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. PA

 9’H x 4’W x 59’L.  A perforated, weathering steel enclosed pedestrian bridge connecting two cliffs separated by a chasm. Shaped like a bent finger, “Fingerspan” is a practical and symbolic reach. Walking along a popular nature trail in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, the pedestrian passes over the bridge continuing the physical experience of a hike while metaphorically becoming the muscle of the “Fingerspan”. The bridge skin is perforated steel, permitting light to penetrate the entire structure while protecting the hiker from the dangers of falling.


Design Excellence Award, AIA, Philadelphia, PA.

Honor Award “Art in Public Spaces”, American Institute of Architects.

Collaboration: Samuel Y. Harris, structural engineer

Commission: Association for Public Art, (formerly The Fairmount Park Art Association), Philadelphia

Photography: Wayne Cozzolino


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