Boston, MA. 12’W x 2000’L. All steel. Central Artery/Tunnel Project.  (‘Big Dig”) Design collaboration with MA Highway Department engineers to create a pedestrian bridge linking city streets, transit system and new Charles River Basin Park. The bridge, based upon a vertebrae, is a flexing tube of ellipses held by a truss system, enclosed in a skin of perforated stainless steel. Bridge skin rises and retracts responding to safety conditions. Lighting illuminates ellipse sections. Alignment is a sinuous “H” shape. Two sections flank the river while a third spans the Charles River.

Collaboration: MHD, Michael Morris, Architect; Samuel Harris, Engineer.

Commission: Mass. Highway Dept. Project cancelled due to “Big Dig” over-runs.

Model: William Massey

Drawing: Jody Pinto

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